Young Teen Voice Actor


“This kid gets it.”

- Nancy Wolfson,
Braintracks Audio

“If he lived in LA, I really think he’d be working in all the cartoons.”

- Stevie Vallance,
Emmy Award-winning voice director

“He’s really great. When someone needs a kid, Everett is one of my go-tos.”

- Richard Hutchison,
RSH Management


Kid voiceovers with spunk and a little attitude. Age range 11-14.

  1. Commercial Demo 0:50
  2. Animation & Gaming Demo 1:36
  3. Promo Demo 1:05


Everett loves voice acting for video games. Check out clips from these fun projects!


Everett has been honored to work as a professional kid voice talent for these great projects & brands.

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Audio producers, directors, agents and coaches praise Everett’s voice acting and professionalism.

“This kid gets it.”

- Nancy Wolfson,
Braintracks Audio

“He’s REALLY good! We love working with Everett!”

- Trent Rentsch,
Creative Director, Krash Creative

“If he lived in LA, I really think he’d be working in all the cartoons.”

- Stevie Vallance,
Emmy Award-winning voice director

“He’s really great. When someone needs a kid, Everett is one of my go-tos.”

- Richard Hutchison,
RSH Management

“Everett is an amazing talent. His performance brought so much life to our characters that I can't wait to show it to the public. I was giddy the whole time I did my editing. His talent rivals a lot of older talents by a milestone and I can't wait to hear him star in a future big production. He and his mother are so easy to work with that it is a breeze; most parents are a bit difficult to deal with but I got a dream star and a dream mom that made my job easier and actually fun. If you need child talent, Everett is your go-to-boy for excellent performance and professionalism.”

- Glenn Goa,
Frostburn Studios

“We all love Everett here!”

- Jean-Christophe Casalini,
Mach2azione Video & Audio Production, Milan, Italy

“He's one talented dude. I can't tell you how hard it is to find kids who can do inflection and diction and energy and then sound conversational while they're doing it. Thanks so much!”

- Tony Hudson,
Video Producer, North American Mission Board


Get to know Everett the “VO kid”

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Everett is a fun-loving, spunky 13-year old boy with a sunny outlook, great sense of humor, and a quick wit that belies his age. At just three years old, his first teachers predicted that he would someday be a stand-up comic, so an early transition into professional voice acting is no surprise to anyone who knows him.
Everett enjoys skateboarding, video games, playing guitar, filming and editing movies, and all things STEM.


Everett’s mom has been recording him in their home studio since he was in diapers, and at the tender age of 8, he booked his first radio commercial through RSH Management. In addition to auditioning and booking regularly for the last 5 years, he has continued to develop his skills by training with Lisa Biggs (Cartoon Network, Disney, Nickelodeon, PBS Sprout) and at VOAtlanta under Noelle Romano (PBS, Cartoon Network, Kids WB), Joe Loesch (Disney Channel, Baby Looney Tunes sound-books), and Emmy Award-winning voice director Stevie Vallance (Disney Jr., Nicktoons, Discovery Kids). Everett was thrilled to win an online animation voiceover contest on TryOut.net that further fueled his passion to pursue work in animation and gaming.

Everett made his professional theater debut in the 12-member youth ensemble of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat at the Atlanta Lyric Theater and was honored to portray the title role in his school’s 6th grade production of The Mikado.


Broadcast-quality home studio means he’s always ready to roll.

Everett enjoys the perks of living with another pro voice talent, his mom Sandy Delonga. Although always thrilled to see familiar faces at any of the world class state-of-the-art audio production facilities in the area, they also regularly coordinate sessions remotely from their commercial-grade home studio, which includes a professionally-fabricated sound isolation booth built into the construction of their home. And of course mom can personally oversee the recording and editing to deliver broadcast-ready voice tracks at any time of the day or night (homework permitting).

Software: ProTools 12
Microphones: Neumann TLM 103 (primary), Neumann TLM 102, Blue Yeti USB

Preamp: GoldenAge Pre-73 MKIII

Conversion: Focusrite Scarlett 6i6

Monitoring: KRK Systems Series 2 V6 speakers, Sennheiser HD 280 Pro headphones

Communications: Remote sessions can be directed live via Telos One phone patch, Source-Connect Now, or Skype (integrated directly into ProTools via Source-Nexus).

For sessions requiring ISDN, Everett can head into one of many favorite studios in the Atlanta area, and mom Sandy is happy to provide options and make arrangements as needed.


Have a project Everett could be right for? Drop us a note and we’ll be happy to record an audition for you. We’d love to work with you!

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